I’m really pleased to have been involved in the ‘How we will Remember’ commission for Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool and University of Salford Art Collection.

Some of my Lockdown Collages are on show at General Practice, Lincoln as part of ‘Dance First Think Later’. The exhibition is open (by appointment) until 23rd Aug.


An small selection of ‘Copy / Cut / Paste’ is being exhibited at Leeds Arts University’s Blenheim Boardroom.


Forme: Forme is a photographic publication and curatorial project that occupies a cultural space between fashion and fine art. I was really flattered to have my ‘Wigs’ series included.





2016: Current 

Rogue Waterside Flyer

2016: Past

‘Cut’ was selected for the Transition group show at Manchester’s PS Mirabel – curated by Mark Adams

This exhibition explores photography as a narrative, transitional activity exploring a sense of place through landscape or states of change through objects and alternative modes of presentation. The show includes work by the following photographers, designers and artists using photography.

Ian Beesley > Ben Graville > Craig Atkinson > Sarah Eyre > Agathe Jacquillat > Tomi Vollauschek > Marc Provins > Anna White > Stephen King > Dana Ariel > Mario Popham > Roxana Allison & Pablo Allison > Sandra Ratkovic > Evan Wood > Kieran Boswell > Radoslav Daskalov > Jenny Karling > Christine Lawley > Caroline Barker > Jack Doyle > Richard Ward > Michele Friswell > Mark Adams

cut 2

PAPER Gallery ‘Semiotic Guerilla Warfare part III’ at Dean Clogh, Halifax 

Semiotic Guerilla Warfare marks a new collaboration between CHARLIE SMITH LONDON and PAPER presented in The Link Gallery at Dean Clough. The artists assembled create artwork from any materials that come to hand; creating a theoretical collage of themes: linguistics, text, the city, psychogeography, found images, appropriation, youth / underground culture, networks, cults / rituals. Exploring popular culture in an attempt to de-value the art object and elevate everyday objects. Semiotic Guerrilla Warfare presents found objects, mass-produced materials, and a lo-fi aesthetics to create a new visual language that comments upon the disposable nature of our culture and society.

Artists: Hermione Allsopp / Jemima Brown / Andrea Cotton / Lisa Denyer / Frances Disley / Tracey Eastham / Zavier Ellis / Sarah Eyre / David Hancock / Florian Heinke / Phill Hopkins / Hilde Krohn Huse / Sam Jackson / Monica Ursina Jäger / Vincent James / Chris Jones / Simon Leahy Clark / Richard Meaghan / James Moore / Alex Gene Morrison / Narbi Price / Conor Rogers / Mitra Saboury / Jenny Steele / Pär Strömberg / Zhu Tian / Lisa Wilkens / Simon Woolham / Hannah Wooll / Rachel Wrigley / THE CULT OF RAMM:ΣLL:ZΣΣ featuring Yang Younghee


with PAPER gallery at London Art Fair