Shape-shifting: selected ongoing collage

These collages started as a way of occupying my time during the Covid-19 lockdown. I had no specific plan, the images evolved out of the materials I had to hand and I photographed (pasted) them using my mobile phone.

As the series progressed a number of themes started to emerge. My previous work, ‘Copy / Cut / Paste’ was partly concerned with disrupting the flatness of the photographic surface, and in many of these works I continued to play with our perception of the photograph by building three dimensional reliefs and incorporating shadows thrown by the raised paper, and glimpses of the underside of the photo. The visual confusion between the depicted space, and the ‘real’ shadow space creates an interesting tension that reinforces the sense of surfaces and edges slipping across each other.

Another emerging theme that has its roots in earlier work is the way that cutting and layering suggests that the body’s edges are merging with spaces and objects – another implication of boundary confusion. The suggestion of the shadow (and silhouette) has become an important motif; a shadow is like a doppelgänger, both a double, attached but blurring the lines between one thing and another.

All works on paper (A4) digital prints